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You must have a verified identity at my.pbwiki.com with an MSN Messenger IM address and a photo to edit this wiki.


Email DGoncz@aol.com with your access request.


Once shared, a password is no longer private.


The four available PBWiki (free) security modes are:


  1. Private Site, Private Password: Such as My To Do List, etc.
  2. Private Site, Shared Password: Recommended for the members of a club to work out their issues.
  3. Public Site, Private Password: This is the Author mode.
  4. Public Site, Shared Password: When folks participate, the Wiki can be:
    1. A discussion board
    2. A dynamic FAQ and statement of policy
    3. An evolving comment on a particular area of interest or expertise


PBWiki seems to want you to think there is only one, to encourage upgrades. The owner chooses Public/Private, then chooses to share or not share the password, or perhaps to reset it. That makes four modes of use. Uh, 4 = 2 times 2.


As of 2007-01-29, epat.pbwiki.com is and has always been in mode 3.


Any mode change will be mentioned and logged on this page. If a password, is shared, the recipient will be mentioned and introduced preceding this paragraph. If vandalized, there would be a mode change to Private for a period of repair time.

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