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What is EPAT?

That's easy.

epat is








EPAT helps people who have a psychiatric condition with the symptoms, signs, or consequences of their condition. EPAT can be any electronic device for which a reasonable argument can be made associating the advantage of a technology with relief of a symptom, sign, or consequence of a psychiatric illness.





Where do I get epat?



From your doctor or an aid organization.

You can also buy epat retail.







How do I get epat?




You tell your doctor you need it.

Your doctor evaluates your needs.

Your doctor contacts an aid organization.

The aid organization issues the epat.

You may have to pay a small fee.

You can also buy epat retail.


What are these "symptoms, signs, and consequences"?



A symptom is a problem reported by a patient.


The primary symptom of psychiatric illness is significant clinical distress, listed in almost every DSM-IV diagnosis.


A sign is something about a person's behavior or thinking that only a doctor would notice or could interpret.


The consequences of mental illness vary by condition and degree, but can include medication side effects, homelessness, disability, or suicide, just to mention a few.